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Good to see you!

We believe that life should be in motion. ThyssenKrupp Access Solutions' products and services for people at home and in public areas provide motion – and a new feeling of comfort, easy going and lifestyle. No matter at what situation or stage in life: we provide the specific solution. From chairlifts to Home Elevators, from the development of a product to the service once it has been installed.

At airports people benefit from our clever solutions: our passenger boarding bridges enhance your comfort and safety on your way from the boarding gate in the terminal to your seat on the airplane.

All products are a result of our inhouse research & development departments developing clever ideas for people to live smarter. 

Follow us through the pages of this web site and learn more about us and our subsidiaries like ThyssenKrupp Encasa, our direct sales organizations in Europe and experts for chairlifts, Home Elevators and platformlifts.

Specific information on passenger boarding bridges and solutions we provide for airports can be found on ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems web site.


Accessible tourism with just once click – regalaaccesibilidad.com awarded by business magazine “Actualidad Económica”

Apr. 17th, 2014 | A web based platform where handicapped or disabled people can find leisure facilities exactly suiting their needs: This offer provided by ThyssenKrupp Encasa Spain is considered to be one of the best 100 ideas of Spanish companies.

Chairlift Configurator shows realistic 3D images on individual staircases - ThyssenKrupp Encasa uses latest technology to consult the customer about the best solution

Mar. 18th, 2014 | It needs a lot of imagination to understand what is the best chairlift solution if there is not more than a brochure and some product samples. Therefore ThyssenKrupp Encasa invested in modern technology and developed a special application which is installed on the Sales Representative´s mobile devices.

More efficient and environmentally friendly Hose Management Airflow System to be presented at Passenger Terminal Expo by ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems

Feb. 11th, 2014 | An improved cooling rate of 10 to 15 percent together with a power saving: the latest pre-conditioned Air Hose Management System CNDL for grounded aircrafts developed by ThyssenKrupp Airport Systems is a very profitable airplane support equipment for airlines and airport operators.