Patented ASL Technology

ThyssenKrupp Access Solutions equips its curved chairlift Flow with a patented technology, offering the user several benefits: maximum comfort, smoothest ride quality and restrained fitting. The technology, simply named ASL - Advanced Swivel and Leveling - makes the chair to rotate whilst travelling up and down the stairs. ThyssenKrupp Access Solutions is the first and only company offering such a clever rotation mechanism for chairlifts.

Smooth ride, optimum seating position

Having a fixed chair position during the ride is the common market solution. ASL comes in right here, rotating the chair during the entire ride. The swivels of the chair are individually programmed, exactly fitting the shape of the customer´s staircase, ensuring the user is always in the best possible seating position considering comfort and legroom.

The clever rotation mechanism moreover makes the ride even smoother as the simultaneous movement of swivel and leveling module always keep the chair in a horizontal position, independent of the angle the rail is inclining or declining. Additional stops and swivel moments at the beginning, during and at the end of the ride are avoided, which is time saving. The chair rotation also at the bottom or top of the staircase eases getting on and off the chair.

Maximum comfort, restrained fitting

As ASL allows placing the unit lower on the stairs, the chairlift can be installed even at very small and narrow staircases while maintaining a comfortable riding position. This allows also a restrained fitting, keeping the staircase walkable. Remodeling works at the staircase, e.g. reconstruction of the handrail or bulkhead, therefore are not necessary.          

For more information on the curved chairlift Flow contact your local office directly.